Welcome to the Green Room

Want to try on a piece or two before you buy? Or just want some style and fit advice from our designer? Send us a picture of you, and our designer will send back a custom image of you wearing the garment(s)! 

  • Take a picture of yourself showing your whole body, head to toe, from a forward facing angle
  • Wear tight fitting clothing (like bike shorts or leggings and a sports bra). rest assured that your image is safe, and only you + our designer will see it.
  • For fit advice, please send what size you normally purchase from two other companies
  • Make sure you include any styles and colors you want to try on. If you don't have any particular piece in mind, you could also send a price range or an occasion in which you'd like to wear your new garment.
  • Receive back an image of you wearing the garment (or multiple garments!) within 3 days, along with fit and style advice personalized to your preferences