Sustainability 101

Want to learn more about how we integrate sustainability into our business model and the newest sustainability updates in the fashion industry? We've got you covered.

The real cost of fashion

It’s hard to believe, but the fashion industry is responsible for 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions. That’s more than all international flights and maritime shipping combined! It can be overwhelming to face such a big challenge, but every one of us has an important part to play. And, luckily, it doesn't need to come at the expense of looking and feeling your best.

Reduce textile waste

One of fashion’s biggest secrets – 87% of the textiles produced each year end up in a landfill or incinerator. Coton is tackling this head on by using only existing materials, bought directly from other luxury fashion brands and mills across Europe. We take the fabric that others won’t, or can’t, resulting in an exclusively unique offering of limited edition, high end garments. If you love something, then grab it – you might never see exactly the same piece again.

Produce only what we need

Projecting how much customers will want is a dangerous game that leads to chronic overproduction, clogging up landfills with unsold product. Partnered with a trusted New York City based manufacturer, Coton is producing on-demand in an accelerated made-to-order model. Your new garment will be in your hands within two weeks of purchase, and we only have to produce exactly what we sell. A win/win/win for you, us, and our planet.

Clothing built to last

At By Eilly, we’re committed to making high-quality, covetable, loved clothing that lasts for years. Like that one dress you’ve had for ages, but makes you look better than anything you’ve bought since. Part of this mission is a commitment to repairing or replacing when our products fail. We offer free mending services on all of our garments for a year after purchasing, and special redesign/remake services for products that just aren’t doing it for you.


We are certified aware with Green Business Bureau!

The Green Business Bureau is the trusted authority in green business. Together, with all their members, GBB seeks to create a greener business world that helps make business a force for good. As a trusted 3rd party, they provide businesses with an official seal to validate and promote their green commitment and accomplishments.

Sustainability News

The Challenge of Shopping for Sustainable Clothes

Many brands are printing the term "sustainable" on packaging without making any real changes. There's a word for that: greenwashing.

Calling Time on Poverty Pay: A Proposal for New EU Legislation on a Living Wage

Earning some of the lowest wages in the world, the garment industry’s race to the bottom business structure comes as a result of a highly competitive market, with aggressive price negotiations consequently driving down workers’ wages. With the legal minimum wage in many of the world’s largest garment producing countries often falling as low as 50% less than that of its recommended living wage, many garment workers are left without the means for a basic decent life.

Fast fashion is plaguing our Earth and our wallets. Here are ways you can combat unsustainable fashion without jeopardizing your own style.

In many cases, our closet space just can’t keep up with the constant click of the “buy now” button, the prices are just THAT good… but the long-term impact is very, very real. Here’s how you can be a smart shopper who still gets good deals, without the negative impact. 

The Wonders of Greta Thunberg: Read our interview with the voice of a generation

Over the last three years Greta Thunberg has become the most recognisable activist in the world, calling upon world leaders to halt the climate crisis. Here, she talks with Tom Pattinson and two Swedish conservationists, the artist duo Alexandrov Klum, who shot Greta for this Vogue issue’s cover, about their shared vision of a sustainable future.