Cyndi Scrunchie

Cyndi Scrunchie

This silk scrunchie is gentle on hair and high on style. Scrunchie comes in solid, printed, or patchwork silk. FYI - it also looks great on your wrist, which is where ours spend a lot of time.

Each piece is made from fabric scraps, a natural by-product of the garment production process. Every scrunchie is unique. 

Cyndi Rhoades is the CEO and founder of Worn Again Technologies, a company that aims to solve the challenge of textiles becoming waste and ending up in landfills or incineration (sound familiar?). Advanced recycling technology separates, decontaminates and extracts polyester and cellulose from non-reusable textiles, bottles and packaging to produce outputs that can be put back into production supply chains. 

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Reclaimed textiles: By Eilly garments are made using the leftover materials from luxury brands across Europe, reducing our collective carbon footprint while creating an exclusively unique offering. 

On-demand production: We don’t make it until you order! Please allow 2-4 weeks for your order to be handmade in New York City. 

Zero waste: Every scrap of fabric created through our production process is either used to create new products (accessories and hair scrunchies!) or recycled responsibly through our partner, FabScrap.

Living wage: By partnering with an innovative, female-owned factory located in the heart of Manhattan, we have full transparency into our worker’s welfare and safety, paying them a living wage - not just a minimum wage.

Garment care and circularity: Free mending services are offered on all of our garments within a year after purchasing, and special redesign and remake services are offered for products that just aren’t doing it for you.

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Fit and Sizing

Aisha wears a size 0 and Avery wears a size 8. Most garments fit true to size, but contact us for custom sizing information. We want to make the perfect fitting piece, just for you 💘

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Lead Time

Every single piece at By Eilly is made specifically for you, aka we don't make it until you buy it. That helps us stay zero waste, and make the best products for both you and our planet. Please allow 2-4 weeks for production 💕

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Sustainable Luxury Fashion

What if the clothes we buy could also heal the planet?

At By Eilly, all of our fabrics were made by the world's top luxury designers. How did we get them? They were headed for the landfill and incinerator before we stepped in. Now you get to enjoy sustainable, zero waste clothing made from high-end, guilt free materials. A win for you and a win for our planet.

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